How To Use Whatsapp On Computer

Whatsapp is widely used text message and video calling platform. Most people use it on mobile in the world. If you want to use it on your pc or laptop then you can also do. But there has some limit. You can use your same mobile whatsapp on pc.

In this post you will know how to use whatsapp on pc or laptop.

Whatsapp On Emulator

You can use whatsapp on pc or laptop’s emulator. And it is the easiest way to use full features. Download any emulator on your pc and then login to playstore with your gmail account. Then download WhatsApp. Login on whatsapp using your mobile number. Allow the all permission of the app and use.

Whatsapp on Browser

There is limited features in whatsapp web. But this way you can use whatsapp on pc and mobile at the same time with same mobile number. Open any browser on your pc. It will be better if you use chrome browser. Search whatsapp web on the browser and click on the first link. Now you will see a scanner code. Open whatsapp on your mobile and click on 3 dots. Here you can see “whatsapp web” option. Click on it and then click “on link a device”. Now your camera will be open. Scan the code using your mobile.

Now you can use whatsapp on your browser.

Download WhatsApp Web Application

If you don’t want to use whatsapp on browser then you can download whatsapp web from its official page. For that go to and then click on download for pc or laptop. After downloading the application install it on your pc. Open it and give all the permission. Then open your mobile and scan the QR code. You will now get access to whatsapp on your pc.


In this post we have shared about using whatsapp on pc or laptop. Probably using whatsapp on emulator may be a little risky. Because third party may track your message or data. So I will suggest you to use whatsapp web or web application. If this post is helpfull to you then comment below and share with your friend.

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