How To Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically

Everyone want a litte bit of fam in social media. But it is not easy to grow followers in instagram. Instagram is a world wide social media platform where people show their pictures, video, and talent. Some people use to grow their business also. You can earn some money by promoting any product. You have to work hard for this. But here I will show how you can grow your instagram followers organically.

To grow your fam in instagram, follow these method. You need work at least one month continuously to get the result.

Profile Setup

To get more followers you have to make your profile attractive. Edit your profile and make it unique. Post a beautiful profile picture that may be your own or other things. Write a unique bio about you. And Customize your profile so that your fan or follower may navigate well.

Daily Photo And Video Upload

You need to upload upto 3 photos or videos daily. Edit your photo or video to attract people. If you post daily then instagram will also promote your photos. And you will get new followers who may be like and comment on your photo. This way your photos will boost up. And you will get followers for that. Remember to reply their comments.

Follow Others

It’s the very good way to increase instagram followers that everyone used. Follow upto 100 people daily. Your following persons follower should be between 100 to 1000. So that they will also follow back you. And after you can remove them from your following list. Also you have to comment and like their post daily to make a good engage.

Use Trending Hashtag

Every time when you post anything on instagram. Remember to attach trending hastag with that post. Make the post or video like that trending category. This can boost your post on Instagram and give you more followers.

Use location

Remember to use location when you post something. If you sahre your location then instagram will show your post on your nearest location people.

Like and comment

Like and comment other’s people post so that they also like and comment on your post. This way your photo will reached to many people. And who will like your photo also will follow you. Daily comment and like on your friend post, relative post, and other post to make a good engagement.


Upload 2 or 3 stories daily. You can upload short funny or romantic videos as stories. It stay for only 24 hours. Make good engagement to post stories and view their story. This way you can boost your business. Or you can promote any product on instargam.


This post is about increasing instagram followers. You can gain follwers, like, and comment in this way in a very short time. If this post is helpful to you then comment below.

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