How To Download Instagram Videos

Everybody use Instagram over the world to show their talent or picture or video. Some time we like any video and want to download it for many purpose like, we want to share the video with the friend or give status on whatsapp or facebook. But there is no directly download option in instagram. So in this post we will learn about downloading instagram video on mobile.

To download instagram videos there is many applications and website. But here you will get the right application and site.


Fast save is most downloaded application on play store to download instagram videos. Most people use fast save. It’s user interface is also good to navigate. But there is a one problem that they run ads. Download fast save application from the play store. Open it and you will see the instructions to use it. click next button. You can login on instagram through this app and able to download videos.

To download your desires videos, click on instagram in fast save app and then login with your instagram I’d. Now when you like a video click download button and then click on fast download. Your video will be downloaded shortly.


This aap is very cool and provide a simple good user interface. You can download any of your video here. Download this application from the paly store and then open it. Allow the permission of the app. As latest requirment to download instagram video you need to login to this app or any istagram video downloading app. So, login on this app with your instagram Id.

Now open instagram application and choose your desire video for download. Copy the URL of the video and past it on insta save application. Click on download button. Your video will be downloaded Instantly.

Insta Downloader For Instagram Videos

This app UI is much better and you could see your history and story also. You will get this app on play store easily. First login to this application and paste your video link on download option. Then click on download button.

You can use this application but as beginner user you will get lots of ads on this app.

Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for instagram application is much better from other app. Download this app from play store and open app. Now it will ask to give permission. Allow all the permission and you will see some instructions to download video. Next, login with your instagram I’d on this application.

After login, copy any URL and paste on it to download instagram videos.

Ingramer Website

Search Ingramer on google and go to website. Now click on download videos for instagram. Copy any URL form instagram and paste it here to download the video.

The website shows many ads. So, you may irritated. But they need to earn some money also.


The best website to download instagram videos on the internet is igram. It’s user interface is very good. You can easily download videos from here. Go to website and paste your url. Click on download button.


These are best website and application I have shared to download instagram videos. These app or site may show you ads. If you find helpful information on this post then comment below and share with your friend.

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