How To Apply For PAN Card Online Using Aadhaar Kyc

Its mendatory to have a PAN card for indian citizens who are over 18. You have to pay tax if you do any business or banking to the government. For this purpose PAN card was made. Only one PAN card is allowed for one person. If you apply for two pan card with same name and details then you may punish. Many company providing PAN card service. But we will know how to apply for PAN in the two best company. In this post you will learn about applying PAN card online.

Apply On NSDL Website

Applying on NSDL website is too easy. Follow the below steps to get your PAN card. You have to pay 106 rupees including tax to get the pan card.

  • Open any browser and serch for NSDL and click on the first page.
  • Now enter application type as Indian citizen (49A). Enter category as individual.
  • Enter your title, last name, first name, dob, email address and mobile number.
  • Fill the CAPTCHA code and submit.
  • You will get a register coupon number. Remeber it for further details. Also if you fail to process the application you may retrive with that code.
  • Click on continue with pan application form.
  • Now enter your details like aadhar last 4 digit, name as on Aadhaar, your parents details and click on next button.
  • Click on Save Draft. If fail to process then you can retrieve the application.
  • Now you have to enter contact and other details. Enter your salary, or if you have no income the press on no income.
  • Leave the residence address blank. It will automatically update with you aadhaar details.
  • Now scroll down and enter your country code, area code, mobile number and Gmail address. Press on next.
  • Now you have to enter AO code. If you don’t know AO code then find it entering your state and city name. You will get your nearly center. Click on any of your nearest center and click on next button.
  • You dont have to enter documents details because it will take all of your adress from your aadhaar card. Remember to check all are selected as aadhaar card. Now in ‘declaration’ below your name select himself. And enter your place name. Then click on submit button.
  • Now you have to verify your details. Check all the details, If accurate click on proceed.
  • Now you have to make a payment of 106 rupees. Pay the fees.
  • Now you have authenticate your Aadhar. Now enter your aadhaar last 8 digit. And click on continue button. After click on continue with Aadhaar e-sign.
  • You will get an OTP for aadhaar card verification. Enter the OTP and click on submit button.
  • You will get a PDF file, download or you can print the file.
  • You will get your virtual PAN Card on your gmail within 2 days and physical PAN card within 10 days on your post office.

Apply On UTIITSL Site

It is very easy to apply on UTIITSL. UTIITSL is the most used website for PAN card service. And it is also very easy to applying in UTIITSL website.

Search for UTIITSL on internet go to the official website and click on apply for new pan card. Now you have two option one is physical mode and another is digital mode. Click on Digital Mode and then tick mark on Aadhaar based e-KYC option and then click on e-sign mode. Select PAN card mode, either you want both digital and physical card or just want digital card. You will get reference number, write it down if you fail the process then you can retrieve.

Personal Details

First you have enter your personal details. Enter your name title, last name, first name, gender, date of birth, aadhaar number, enrollment id, and name as on Aadhaar. And then click on next button.

Documents Details

You don’t have enter any documents details. Because you are doing this using aadhaar e-sign KYC. So it will take all of your details from aadhaar card.

Contact and Parents Details

Enter your telephone STD code and your area code. Enter your mobile number and Gmail id. Now in parents details enter your parents name. You can enter father or mother name. Bellow, select the relationship. Click on next step.

Adress Details

Here you don’t have to enter your adress details because you are doing aadhaar based e-KYC. So, all the details will taken from aadhaar card.

In source of income enter your salary details. If you are a student click on no income. Then press next button.

Others Details

If You are over 18 then you don’t have to fill the other details. Scroll down and fill the declaration details. In select capacity choose himself or herself. Automaticlly your name will fill up, enter the place and click on next button.

Documents Upload

You don’t have to upload any documents if you do apply your PAN card using Aadhaar e-sign mode. Your phote and other details will take from your aadhaar card. Click on submit button.


Now you have to do a payment of 106.9 rupees. Click on make payment. Now you will get two payment option, pay u and billdesk, choose one of them. And click on comfirm payment. You will get UPI, wallet, debit card or debit card option. Choose with that you want to pay. Pay the fees and you will get your payment confirmation.

Don’t click any button. You will redirect to another page, here you have to enter OTP which will be sent on your aadhaar link mobile number. Enter the OTP, check the declaration and submit.

AO Code

Now in this page you have to enter AO code. If you don’t know your AO code then click on get AO details bellow. You will get your AO details bellow. Click on ok. It will automatically fill the all details. Click on update.

After on this page enter your Aadhaar number and request an OTP. Enter the OTP and check the declaration and click submit button.


Now you have give feedback. Read all the details and rate the service. Then click on Submit ratings. Then close it.

Now scroll down and download the pdf file. Great you have completely applied for PAN card.

Check PAN card Status

Search UTIITSL on google and click on uti pan track. A page will be open. Here in first enter your application coupon no then your date of birth. Enter the captcha code correctly and press submit button. You will see your PAN card Status here.


You can apply for PAN card in this easiest way. Also, NSDL and UTIITSL provide good service. If you face any problem, comment us below. We will surely help you.

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